Youth Development Program 

Dan and Mike with youth at Prana Fitness

Youth Development Program at Prana Fitness 

We created a program that will prepare your child for going away to college and hopefully teach them health skills that will last a lifetime.

Youth Development Program Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that contribute to the goal of developing mental and physical health for our youth.

1) A trip to grocery store for grocery shopping
2) Custom meal plan
3) Custom workout plan
4) 3 workouts a week with one of our trainers
5) Bi-weekly meditation sessions
6) Goal setting workouts and weekly goal review

Youth Development Program Benefits

1) Explanation of what foods to eat, when to eat them and how much to eat.

2) Teaching how to exercise safely and efficiently.

3) Learn stress coping strategies.

4) Learn how to set and achieve goals.

5) Supplementation is key to help burn body fat, keep muscles from breaking down, and help increase focus for workouts. This is a guide on correct use of fat burners, focus agents, proteins and amino acids, and supplements for hormonal balance.

Youth Development Program Process

First, we have an intro session to establish your goals for your child.

Next, we create a plan to meet those goals.

Lastly, we execute the plan with strategic workouts and proper nutrition and the help of one of our coaches throughout the entire process.  

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