Weight Training 

Weight Training at Prana Fitness Push press

Weight Training at Prana Fitness 

What is weight training or sometimes called resistance or strength training? This type of training is using progressive resistance to increase muscular mass, bone density, and muscular strength, endurance and or bone density. Similar to bodybuilding but with bodybuilding the main goal is to increase muscle size. Weight training goals could be to get stronger which doesn’t always mean getting bigger. There are many powerlifters who are very strong and much smaller than a bodybuilder.

Weight Training Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that are involved in various types of weight training:

1) Exercise selection and order

2) Proper rest time
3) Correct form and technique in exercise
4) Various types of weight training workouts and split routines
5) Proper goal selection

Weight Training Benefits

1) Exercise selection is key for having a productive weight training workout. Depending on your goal we use specific exercises that involve multiple muscles called compound lifts. Putting exercises in the correct order will have have different responses on the body regarding strength, building muscle, or training for endurance.

2) Rest Time important because it is determine by the goal we have established. For strength aspects the rest time will be longer, endurance training it will be shorter, and bodybuilding it will be in between.

3) Correct technique will ensure safety and prevent possible overuse, injuries of the tendons, ligaments, and joints surround the muscle.

4) Different Splits – There are many different types of workout splits for building muscle, burning fat, increasing sports performance, or combinations of all three. We take in consideration what days someone can workout and plan each day with specific body parts based upon their individual schedule.

Weight Training Process

After understanding basic exercise techniques and form we begin the weight training phase .

1) The goal is established in the orientation.

2) The workouts will be created with the specific exercises for body parts to focus on each day of the week.

3) The exercises will also become more complex and have a larger degree of intensity techniques for increased difficulty, calorie burn, strength and muscle mass.

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