Understanding Hormones And Testosterone Levels

Some Basics on Using Testosterone

The normal range of a males healthy testosterone level is 348-1197ng/dl

Free testosterone is 8.7-25.1 pg/ml

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) 30-85

When people start using testosterone either as replacement therapy or to build more muscle in bodybuilding or sports performance a common mistake is highly overdosing the hormone.

I’ve see blood reports with mens having testosterone levels over 3,000 ng/dl

The problem is most people are keeping track of what their Free or Direct T-levels are. If someone has a total testosterone level of over 1200 there is a much higher risk for side effects such as prostate enlargement, hair loss, water retention, and even cell death in brain cells.

The key for safety and increased muscle mass and performance would be to increase your free testosterone as much as possible without letting the total testosterone go over the natural range.

Controlling Cortisol levels is a huge part of raising your Free Test

getting quality sleep 7-9 hours
eating enough carbs to support your workout and daily needs
how you cope with stress and if you have a meditative practice
keeping workouts short and intense
not going over 15-20 reps in your workout per set unless its legs
and using certain supplements I like Humanfort by Fitness Enterprises-This is one I use personally and I have the blood work to show it works and my Free Test levels are at the top of the scale and I’ve included in the picture.

I do think everyone who does want to use testosterone should do so through a physician and get frequent blood tests to make sure all ranges are safe and that the testosterone being used is of the highest quality.

blood work blood work[/caption]

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