Testosterone Levels Optimization 

Testosterone Level Optimization at Prana Fitness bicep curls

Testosterone Levels at Prana Fitness 

Are you testosterone levels optimized? Do you need to increase your testosterone levels? We can help get your testosterone to the ideal levels in order to increase your overall health.

Testosterone Levels Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that contribute to the goal of optimizing your testosterone levels such as:

1) Proper nutrition
2) Weight loss strategies
3) Training with high intensity
4) Appropriate vitatmin and supplement intake
5) Strategic lifestyle modifications
6) Correct form and technique in exercise

Testosterone Levels Benefits

1) Proper nutrition is key for optimizing your testosterone levels. Consumption of the right foods at the right times and in the correct sequential order can get you to your ideal testosterone levels.

2) Utilizing the appropriate weight loss strategies can optimize your testosterone levels. By attaining the appropriate balance of fat and muscle you can increase testosterone levels. Decreasing fat and increasing muscle to optimal levels improves testosterone.

3) High Intensity training increases testosterone levels, raises growth hormone and burns fat over the next 36 hours.

4) Taking the right vitamins and supplements will increase testosterone levels by getting specific hormonal chemicals to interact with your cells and organs in a manner of increasing testosterone.

5) Making the appropriate changes to diet, sleep and physical fitness will increase energy, endurance and other factors associated with optimal testosterone levels.

Testosterone Levels Optimization Process

We will usually start with a blood test from our in house doctor located 2 floors above, the doctor along with our team and the client will all have a meeting to go over the blood work to see what needs to be done.

1) After the meeting to read blood work, the client will be supplied with necessary supplements for his or her condition.

2) Lastly, the client will receive a custom diet plan and workout plan to aid in the goal for proper hormone balance.

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