Teen Help In Westchester County


As we all know drug use in teens is at an all time high. Doctors have become the country worst drug dealers prescribing month-long supplies of pain killers for every little bodily ailment. The kids either get hooked on the pain-killer or switch to a harder cheaper alternative like heroin.

I know this is a strange article for a gym. At Prana we want to make a difference and help along side psychiatrists and other therapists with their patients or anyone struggling with addiction. I believe fitness is the “gateway” drug to a higher spiritual development. The discipline in fitness, to workout, push past discomfort, to get to know your self in a deeper way is very similar to the same path for spiritual development. The only difference is the practice. Instead of the actual working out, the practice may be meditation or prayer. In all cases the other elements such as self-discipline, pushing past discomfort, understanding your mind, thoughts, and emotions are still have to be there.

We feel we can help recovering addicts find a higher spiritual purpose. We can start this with the ground stages of fitness. We want to help lay a strong foundation of self-worth, positive mindset, physical strength and determination, fun and enjoyment, and stress relief or coping strategies for hard times.

So if you know someone will addiction, anxiety, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, or someone who just needs to feel better about themselves, please have them contact us. You contact us and give us their information and we’ll reach out to them with a free week pass.


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If you know someone please make an appointment for them today!

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