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Supplements at Prana Fitness 

What supplements work? Which are a waste of money? Which help burn fat? Which help build muscle? Which help with stress and sleep? Which help balance and optimize hormones?

Supplements Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that are involved in supplement planning for a specific goal

1) Identifying what supplements help recovery from exercise.
2) Identifying when is the best time to take supplements during the day.
3) Establising what is your goal using supplements.
4) Identifying how to properly dose and know if a supplement is helping or hurting.
5) Identifying which brands are the best for you.

Supplements Benefits

1) Recovery: Every supplement has a particular goal and purpose. You will learn which supplement helps with muscle soreness and when to take these supplements around your workouts.

2) Timing is Key: Certain supplements work better at certain times. Some should be taken with food others and on an empty stomach. There are supplements that are not as effective and sometimes do damage when taken to close to other supplements. We will go over all the exact details.

3) Goal: Is your supplement goal to build muscle, burn fat, feel less sore, sleep better, increase testosterone? Once these goals are established we will create a supplement outline for your exact needs.

4) How to gauge effectiveness: We teach you how you can measure the effectiveness of a supplement and gauge how well it is working.

5) Brands: You will be guided in knowing which brands to get and where to buy each supplement you need.

Supplements Process

After establishing your exact goal, your coach will then work on creating an individualized supplements plan to increase the effectiveness of your workout.

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