Personal Training 

Personal Training at Prana Fitness 

We have a large selection of certified personal trainers of all levels of experience. Each trainer brings his own level of individual experience and expertise in the fitness fields. Group training is not for everyone and some people learn better one on one. All of our Prana trainers are certified with a recognized organization and have to undergo specific training from the owner in a 12 week program.

Personal Training Features

We provide personal training services such as power lifting, bodybuilding, sports specific training, functional training, mobility and stretching, soft tissue and myofascial stretching, and muscular imbalances, group training, interval hiit training, strongman lifts, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, and meditation and breath work.

Bodybuilding Benefits

Here is a list of the key benefits our Personal Trainers bring to your workouts:
Reduced chance of injury
Proper fat loss and muscle gain
Faster and better results
Establishes a lifetime exercise habit

Personal Training Process

After establishing your goals you will receive a custom diet plan. The diet plan will show you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat of each different foods.

1) In your personalized session you will learn methods of contracting the muscles you are focused on working out.

2) Each session will be headed by a coach who will show you how to perform the exercises and monitor you to make sure that you are performing it safely and effectively.

3) We have options for diet plans and in that plan comes a supplement guide that shows you which supplements work for what goal, which are a waste of money, and what are the safest. All supplements can be purchased in our nutrition shop or online.

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