Hormone Balancing 

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Hormone Balancing at Prana Fitness 

What does hormone balance mean? How can you tell if your hormones are balanced? Here at Prana Fitness we assist you with hormone balancing (improving how your body chemicals interact with it’s organs and cells) with physical fitness and dietary plans.

Hormone Balancing Features

At Prana we will teach you all factors which are involved in balancing your hormones and get the correct medical assistance if needed.

1) Identifying what is a proper hormone balance for your body.
2) Identifying what are your current hormone levels.
3) Identifying how can we balance our these levels.
4) Identifying which supplements work for this goal.
5) Identifying how we can eat and train in a way to assist proper hormone function.

Hormone Balancing Benefits

1) Proper Balance: There are many hormones involved in losing weight, gaining muscle, having energy and a proper sex drive. These hormones include hgh, testosterone, dht, free testosterone. We want to make sure all the hormones helping with strength, energy, sex, and recovery are maximized. We make sure all the hormones that cause your body to gain weight and destroy muscle are minimized like cortisol, improper thyroid function, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin.

2) A baseline test is done to identify your hormone levels.

3) Once we identify your hormones levels, we start developing a plan using diet, exercise, supplements, and if needed, medical treatment to help correct your body.

4) We teach you what supplements can help balance our your body, reduce estrogen, raise testosterone, raise growth hormone, deal with stress and cortisol levels.

5) Diet and exercise: We will design a diet and exercise plan based on your hormones and also based upon what goal we are trying to achieve. If someone is stressed and has high cortisol we may have them workout shorter periods of time and less frequently throughout the week. The exercises and amount of weight used will all change as will the supplements you are taking.

Hormone Balancing Process

After we assess your hormone levels we provide you with an individualize plan to achieve optimal hormone levels.

1) We provide you with exercises that improve the balance of your hormones.

2) A nutrional meal plan tailored to your goals and preference is created for your daily diet.

3) An assessment of your hormones is continously evaluated to effectively improve the balance of your hormones.

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