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How flexibility is the essential to power at Prana Fitness West Harrison, NY

How flexibility is the essential to power at Prana Fitness West Harrison, NY

Imagine having two sling shots. The first slingshot has a huge thick rubber band with a huge capacity for stretching. The second slingshot has a very thin rubber band and it stretching potential is very little. Which one do you estimate would shoot a rock further with more power and speed? The first one right? The sling shot with the strong rubber band that stretches long and the stretch reflex causes the rock to shoot with greater velocity.

Much of our body works like the sling shot, we have muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work in some ways like little sling shots. Think about when we jump, sprint, kick, swing a bat, or golf club. Our ability to do these things with power comes from being able to have the flexibility to create tension then release it. This is why so many golfers are after more shoulder/hip dissociation- the ability to rotate either shoulders and keeping the hips stable. The more an athlete can create the disassociation the more power they can achieve.

I also like to explain my definition of flexible vs mobile. Flexible is the muscles ability to stretch to their full capacity. Mobility is the ability for the joints move in their full range of motion. For an athlete to develop maximum power and stretch reflex both of these element must be present.

To achieve flexibility and mobility I like to have my athletes do a lot of various dynamic stretching in their warm up usually doing a variety of what we call animal walks or different movements replicating the movements of animals focusing on both flexibility and mobility. If in the warmup I realize and athlete is not having full range of motion in either a joint or muscle I then will have him or her perform soft tissue work using a foam roller, lacrosse ball or using my hand or elbow to work the trigger point of fascia tissue that is causing the tightness. After the muscle is worked out we than have the athletes retest the motion they had trouble with and if everything was effective the athlete should have an incase range of motion in the joint or muscle right after.

Overall we want you to understand these three main points.

  1. Flexibility is an important component of power.
  2. Maximizing your flexibility and mobility can increase your strength
  3. Identify when you don’t have full range of motion and use foam rollers to decrease tightness.


Here at Prana Fitness we ensure that our members achieve their goals in an optimal fashion. Flexibility and mobility are essential to any physical fitness goal therefore we implement into all of our workouts. Just as we advise our clients we would as advise you to take flexibility and mobility into consideration when working out.


See this video of Dan Calabrese stretching below:

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