Core Exercises 

Core exercises at Prana Fitness toe touches

Core Exercises at Prana Fitness 

What is core training? What is your core? What exercises hit your core? Why is core training essential or any goal or any individual?

Core Exercises Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that are involved in core training:

1)Education on components of your core.
2) Lessons on the difference between core and and ab training
3) Correct form and technique in exercise.
4) Various types of core training workouts

Core Exercises Benefits

1) Developing the muscles that make up your core. The muscles included are your “6 pack ab muscles”, obliques, lower back and your glutes.

2) Ab vs Core. Ab training is usually just crunches and exercises focused on your rectus abdominis or 6 pack. These motions are all spinal flexion and extension which is not your core’s primary focus. The main focus of your core is to prevent rotation. So exercises like various plank holds, working with one arm or one leg, squats, deadlifts, all while keeping your spine stable are the major functions of the core.

3) Correct technique ensures safety and prevent possible injuries. Becoming someone that can squat or deadlift heavy does not mean they are fully activating their core. Many times someone will herniate a disc from squatting or deadlifting because their core is not as strong enough.

4) Core Workouts. There are many types of exciting and effective core workouts that many people have not seen. We will go over these in depth so all of our clients become their own core experts.

Core Exercises Process

After understanding the basics of core functions we can start training.

1) Each week the client will learn more advanced core exercises and workouts.

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