Circuit Training 

Prana Fitness circuit training tire flips and hammer swings

Circuit Training at Prana Fitness 

What is circuit training or sometimes called HIIT-High intensity interval training? This type of training is brief periods of intense activity followed by a short rest. This type of training has been shown in numerous studies to burn body fat, build muscle,increase your cardiovascular function, and also increase growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Circuit Training Features

At Prana we teach you all factors that are involved in various types of circuit training:

1) Exercise Selection
2) Proper rest time
3) Correct form and technique in exercise
4) Various types of different circuit training workouts

Circuit Training Benefits

1) Exercise selection is key for having a productive circuit training workout. This will largely depend on your goal but using exercises that involve the most muscles, activate your core and kinetic chain are top priority.

2) Rest time is important because it ensures the exercises are being performed with optimal intensity.

3) Correct technique ensures safety and prevents possible overuse, injuries of the tendons, ligaments, and joints surround the muscle.

4) Circuit Variety – There are many different types of circuits for building muscle, burning fat, increasing sports performance, or combinations of all three.

Circuit Training Process

After understanding basic exercise technique and form we can begin the circuit training phase.

1) The rest periods in the circuit will be longer in the beginning and as the clients becomes more advanced the rest periods will gradually become reduced.

2) The exercises will also become more complex and have a larger degree of movement for increased difficulty, increased calorie burn, and increased fat loss.

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