Building Muscle

Prana's 7 Pillars for Building Muscle

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Proper Diet” description=”Follow customized diet plan provided by your coach which will give you the proper amount of protein, carbs and fat and also include the correct timing of nutrients to maximize your bodies hormonal functions to produce the most amount of muscle mass.”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Visualize Your Goal” description=”We want you to envision the body you want, how it would feel and your self-esteem increasing. Place pictures around you of people or body parts you want to improve upon. Clarity is Power!”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Sleep and recovery” description=”Make sure you are sleeping enough for your bodies needs. This varies with each person. The amount of rest days will vary and your coach will instruct you on what to do on rest days and when to take them.”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Manage Stress” description=”THIS IS KEY FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A HARD TIME BUILDING MUSCLE. When your stressed and cortisol goes up your muscle tension increases. Chronic stress can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Managing stress is key, this is why we offer breathing and relaxation classes to teach our clients how to relax on their own. Even if our clients can start the day and end the day with 10 minutes of breathing the effects are tremendous.”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Exercise intensity” description=”Working with a coach you will be able to push your body safely. This takes years of practice to accomplish on your own. Pushing your own limits each workout is another key to achieve streamlined results.”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Mind-Body Connectivity ” description=”You may hear this term a lot and people thrown it around but no one really teaches this efficiently. We have the first few workouts set up as “primer” workouts where we teach the client how to contract the specific muscle in their body before the targeted body part is worked out. This way the client can actively feel the muscle working before, during and after the workout. Now if the client had a great back workout he or she wont’ just complain about her biceps and forearms being sore but the actual muscle being used which is the back, one of the harder muscle for the beginning clients to feel and contract.”][/inwave_infor_list]

[inwave_infor_list][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Track Progress” description=”Nothing is more frustrating when we feel we are stagnant and not moving forward. By tracking the small gains each week with pictures, measurements and weight, we keep our clients always feeling motivated.”][/inwave_infor_list]

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