Bodybuilding deadlift at prana fitness

Bodybuilding at Prana Fitness 

What is bodybuilding to you? Is it the massive men and women we see in magazines? Is is the reference or joke made to Arnold who popularized bodybuilding before becoming a world wide actor and TV icon? Bodybuilding by definition is the use of progressive resistance exercise to develop and and control ones musculature. This is usually done by proper training, eating, and supplemental techniques. All leading to the goal of increased muscle mass.

Bodybuilding Features

At Prana we will teach you all factors that contribute to the goal of building muscle such as:

1) Proper nutrition
2) Proper muscle firing patterns
3) Correct form and technique in exercise
4) Various techniques for increased intensity
5) Supplements – what works and what doesn’t

Bodybuilding Benefits

1) Proper nutrition is key for every act of building muscle. Building muscle is about keeping the muscles in a positive or anabolic state and preventing the muscles from breaking down or being catabolic. Nutrition is also how the body will be able to burn body fat and get leaner as its building more muscle.

2) Firing Patterns are important because they ensure the exercise being performed is targeting the correct muscle or group of muscles.

3) Correct technique will ensure safety and prevent possible overuse, injuries of the tendons, ligaments, and joints surround the muscle.

4) Intensity techniques help build muscle faster by keeping more tension or resistance on the targeted area.

5) Supplementation is key to help burn body fat, keep muscles from breaking down, and help increase focus for workouts. This is a guide on correct use of fat burners, focus agents, proteins, amino acids, and supplements for hormonal balance.

Bodybuilding Process

After establishing your goal, you will receive a custom diet plan showing you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat of different foods.

1) In your personalized session you will learn various methods of contracting muscles you are focused on working out.

2) Each session will be headed by a coach who will show you how to optimally perform each exercise. Your coach will monitor you to make sure that you are performing it safely and effectively.

3) We have options for diet plans that comes with a supplement guide. Showing you which supplements work for what goal, are a waste of money, are the safest. All supplements can be purchased in our nutrition shop or online.

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