Sub Q Injections VS IM For Testosterone

For most bodybuilders and patients of Hormone Replacement Therapy it was said from the medical community that the most effective form of using testosterone was through Intra Muscular injections. The issue with this is that repetitive IM injections will cause scar tissue over time as well as increase the chance of Piriformis syndrome:

PIRIFORMIS syndrome is an uncommon and often undiagnosed cause of buttock and leg pain. It may be caused by anatomic abnormalities of the piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve resulting in irritation of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. Indeed, case reports of the syndrome secondary to anomalies of the piriformis muscle have been described.

Basically most people administer their injections in their glute muscle using a 1 inch or 1.5 inch needle. They often hit their piriformis muscle which will cause irritation of the sciatic nerve and give them symptoms of temporary sciatica, as well as cause lower back tightness. This is a problem if your goal is building muscle and your want to train legs. Having a tight piriformis will make squatting very difficult and cause your lower back to lock up very quick.

Another issue from IM injections is by using a larger needle the testosterone goes into the muscle very fast 3 seconds for IM shot vs 20-30 seconds from sub q shot. The slower the oil goes into the muscle the less chance for damage of the tissue.

A viable alternative..Sub Q with insulin needles

People would hear this an laugh and say it doesn’t work but looking at the article below their is now research showing that the patients using this type of injections had stable testosterone levels. Which means that sub q injections work just fine at absorbing testosterone into the bloodstream. More importantly since the needle is so small 29gauge compared to 23 or 25gauge there is less damage and less scar tissue.

Secondly you run a much lower chance of hitting a nerve or getting piriformis issues

Third- I believe and their is research coming out to support this that by injecteing sub q into the fat the testosterone is released more slowly than IM shots causing less of an initial hormonal spike which in turn causes less estrogen (less bloating)!

And last, its much easier and more convenient. Granted this is for lower injection amounts which would make sense to do more frequent injections at a lower dose.

Instead of using .3 or .5 cc twice a week as doctors advise for HRT which is about 140-200mg someone can do 20mg daily or 40 mg every other day. The insulin needle takes longer to fill up and longer to do the shot. By using a lower amount the process is easier and quicker. Not to mention more frequent injections will provide more stable blood levels and less estrogen conversion.

Some Basics on Using Testosterone

The normal range of a males healthy testosterone level is 348-1197ng/dl

Free testosterone is 8.7-25.1 pg/ml

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) 30-85

When people start using testosterone either as replacement therapy or to build more muscle in bodybuilding or sports performance a common mistake is highly overdosing the hormone.

I’ve see blood reports with mens having testosterone levels over 3,000 ng/dl

The problem is most people are keeping track of what their Free or Direct T-levels are. If someone has a total testosterone level of over 1200 there is a much higher risk for side effects such as prostate enlargement, hair loss, water retention, and even cell death in brain cells.

The key for safety and increased muscle mass and performance would be to increase your free testosterone as much as possible without letting the total testosterone go over the natural range.

Controlling Cortisol levels is a huge part of raising your Free Test

getting quality sleep 7-9 hours
eating enough carbs to support your workout and daily needs
how you cope with stress and if you have a meditative practice
keeping workouts short and intense
not going over 15-20 reps in your workout per set unless its legs
and using certain supplements I like Humanfort by Fitness Enterprises-This is one I use personally and I have the blood work to show it works and my Free Test levels are at the top of the scale and I’ve included in the picture.

I do think everyone who does want to use testosterone should do so through a physician and get frequent blood tests to make sure all ranges are safe and that the testosterone being used is of the highest quality.

blood work blood work[/caption]


As we all know drug use in teens is at an all time high. Doctors have become the country worst drug dealers prescribing month-long supplies of pain killers for every little bodily ailment. The kids either get hooked on the pain-killer or switch to a harder cheaper alternative like heroin.

I know this is a strange article for a gym. At Prana we want to make a difference and help along side psychiatrists and other therapists with their patients or anyone struggling with addiction. I believe fitness is the “gateway” drug to a higher spiritual development. The discipline in fitness, to workout, push past discomfort, to get to know your self in a deeper way is very similar to the same path for spiritual development. The only difference is the practice. Instead of the actual working out, the practice may be meditation or prayer. In all cases the other elements such as self-discipline, pushing past discomfort, understanding your mind, thoughts, and emotions are still have to be there.

We feel we can help recovering addicts find a higher spiritual purpose. We can start this with the ground stages of fitness. We want to help lay a strong foundation of self-worth, positive mindset, physical strength and determination, fun and enjoyment, and stress relief or coping strategies for hard times.

So if you know someone will addiction, anxiety, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, or someone who just needs to feel better about themselves, please have them contact us. You contact us and give us their information and we’ll reach out to them with a free week pass.


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If you know someone please make an appointment for them today!

Dan Calabrese Stretching at Prana Fitness

How flexibility is the essential to power at Prana Fitness West Harrison, NY

Imagine having two sling shots. The first slingshot has a huge thick rubber band with a huge capacity for stretching. The second slingshot has a very thin rubber band and it stretching potential is very little. Which one do you estimate would shoot a rock further with more power and speed? The first one right? The sling shot with the strong rubber band that stretches long and the stretch reflex causes the rock to shoot with greater velocity.

Much of our body works like the sling shot, we have muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work in some ways like little sling shots. Think about when we jump, sprint, kick, swing a bat, or golf club. Our ability to do these things with power comes from being able to have the flexibility to create tension then release it. This is why so many golfers are after more shoulder/hip dissociation- the ability to rotate either shoulders and keeping the hips stable. The more an athlete can create the disassociation the more power they can achieve.

I also like to explain my definition of flexible vs mobile. Flexible is the muscles ability to stretch to their full capacity. Mobility is the ability for the joints move in their full range of motion. For an athlete to develop maximum power and stretch reflex both of these element must be present.

To achieve flexibility and mobility I like to have my athletes do a lot of various dynamic stretching in their warm up usually doing a variety of what we call animal walks or different movements replicating the movements of animals focusing on both flexibility and mobility. If in the warmup I realize and athlete is not having full range of motion in either a joint or muscle I then will have him or her perform soft tissue work using a foam roller, lacrosse ball or using my hand or elbow to work the trigger point of fascia tissue that is causing the tightness. After the muscle is worked out we than have the athletes retest the motion they had trouble with and if everything was effective the athlete should have an incase range of motion in the joint or muscle right after.

Overall we want you to understand these three main points.

  1. Flexibility is an important component of power.
  2. Maximizing your flexibility and mobility can increase your strength
  3. Identify when you don’t have full range of motion and use foam rollers to decrease tightness.


Here at Prana Fitness we ensure that our members achieve their goals in an optimal fashion. Flexibility and mobility are essential to any physical fitness goal therefore we implement into all of our workouts. Just as we advise our clients we would as advise you to take flexibility and mobility into consideration when working out.


See this video of Dan Calabrese stretching below:

Visit our YouTube page to learn more:


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