Athletic Development Program 

Athletic Development Program at Prana Fitness 

Our athletic development program focuses on developing an athlete that understands their training rather than just going through the motions of training. 

Athletic Development Program Features

1) Speed strength and conditioning
2) Custom nutrition
3) Foam Rolling and stretching
4) Competition

Athletic Development Program Benefits

1) Our goal is to make the athlete faster, stronger, and to never fatigued during performance.

2) Athlete specific programs for increased performance, body fat loss and quicker recovery.

3) Making sure the athlete is taught the right way to keep their body fresh, mobile, and injury free.

4) Our monthly warrior challenge is a chance for our athletes to test their abilities amongst their peers and have a chance to win money for his/her school’s athletic department.

5) Supplementation is key to help burn body fat, keep muscles from breaking down, and help increase focus for workouts. This is a guide on correct use of fat burners, focus agents, proteins and amino acids, and supplements for hormonal balance.

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