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About Prana Fitness

Prana Fitness is located in Harrison, NY and is the best health and fitness gym in Westchester County. Our objective is to help the client understand smarter more effective ways they can workout to get their desired results. We want my clients to have fun and think about fitness in a different light. We are a very outside the box type of gym when it comes to our trainers and actual training sessions. We do all the workout programming and my goal is for each client to become stronger, have more energy, move better, reduce pain, have fun, lose weight, build muscle, and prevent injuries.

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Prana Fitness Gym  Carlos Sanchez Santos
Rated 4.9/5 based on 6 customer reviews
Customer review:
"Prana is probably the best fitness and training experience that I've ever had. From the helpful and knowledgeable staff to the great equipment, Prana Fitness is the best place to go in all of Westchester county". - by , September 4, 2016
5/ 5stars
Health and Fitness Gym.

Prana Fitness Westchester 

Additional Features


Our studio offers clients a performance surface, glassless mirrors, music and lightening of their choice. The studio is utilized for small group classes, intense training, yoga classes and martial arts training.

Fitness equipment area

We provide you with the most effective fitness equipment in Westchester County. With no treadmills, our equipment and techniques helps focus on attacking your goals in an efficient manner.

Yoga and Pilates room

Our private yoga room allows for clients to maximize their experience with an intimate setting providing.

Supplement store

Take advantage of our supplement store before or after your workout. Staff on hand help you maximize your workout by taking the best supplements that can help you achieve your goals.

Astroturf training area

Our all-in-one training area allows for us to engage clients with a variety of workouts from agility, speed, endurance and flexibility.